To benefit fully from the wide range of services of AFRACA, the African financial institutions with rural orientation can join the African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association. Through the payment of the annual fee, the new member will be able to take part in the governance processes of the Association, share the information on up-to-date banking policies and practices generated in various AFRACA forums, and get direct benefits from training and staff exchange functions of AFRACA.

AFRACA Secretariat is financed by the fees paid to the organisation by its members, while some of its activities are financed from funds raised from donors. Through its facilitating role, AFRACA encourages partnerships at the country and sub-regional level.

For donor organisations, AFRACA offers an excellent chance to co-operate with African central banks, commercial banks, development finance institutions and rural microfinance operators. Various research initiatives and regional seminars with clearly defined topics offer the donors an opportunity to use the AFRACA network to reach the key operators in rural finance in Africa.

While international donors such as IFAD, GTZ, FAO and CTA already have a close working relationship with AFRACA, new co-operating partners are welcomed as AFRACA’s operations expand to new type of rural finance activities and to new countries as more institutions join the Association.

  1. Ordinary Membership is open to:
    • Any government in the Region, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture and/or any other Ministry concerned with the development of agricultural credit.
    • Any national-level financial institution or national-level federation or association of financial institutions actively interested and involved in agricultural credit and development.
    • Any Central bank or monetary authority.
    • Any Regional and/or national-level agricultural credit training and/or research institution.
  2. Associate Membership is open to:
    • Any resident and/or institution of the countries in the Region with recognised achievements in studies in the development of agricultural credit or who has a special interest in agricultural credit.
    • Any university in the Region.

For more information on how to join AFRACA network, kindly contact us through